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We Can Do It!

0 Comments 06 September 2016

We can be the champion of our own stories. We can change our lives by rewriting the characteristics of the main character in our story, ourselves. This past week I have been super conscious of rewriting my inner stories. I’ve become aware of beliefs I’ve had for so long, I didn’t even recognize them as […]

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What’s Your Story?

0 Comments 02 September 2016

As I was driving away from Shollenberger Park where I had enjoyed a walk with my friend, I heard a persistent honking behind me. I looked behind me and saw my friend waving me to stop. I got out of the car and she told me I had a flat tire. Immediately, a number of […]

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Beautiful Imperfection

0 Comments 14 August 2016

Beautiful: When you hear that word, what do you think? Roses? A sunset in Hawaii? A babies’ angelic sleeping face? Imperfection: When you hear this word, what comes to mind? A less than good grade on a paper? A birth defect? A flaw of some sort that invites you to dismiss or denigrate something or […]

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Curves and Lines: Images of Beauty

0 Comments 06 July 2016

I recently revisited some paintings/drawings that I created a while ago, before I was deep into my self-love journey. At the time, I just drew lines and curves, and whatever felt right and appealed to my eyes. Now that I revisit these images, I notice the full hips, the round breasts, the strong curves, and […]

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When You Feel Powerless, Be Love

0 Comments 04 July 2016

We are past the half mark for 2016. This year has been a challenging one for me. I have had more loved ones diagnosed with cancer and other life threatening health concerns this year than in the past. Our family has had major losses this year. We took our latest hit in June with the […]

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Home Sweet Home

0 Comments 31 May 2016

Dear body, You are my home, and I see that now. I am sorry for treating you so carelessly all those years, taking you for granted. Leaving all the rooms messy and not cleaning up the dirt. Now, as I slowly wash away the layers of grime, one at a time, I see how truly […]

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Fighting Life

0 Comments 30 April 2016

This month’s prompt invites you to be mindful if you have been fighting life as I discovered I have been doing. I have recently experienced the traumatic loss of a family member. Next came the deaths of 2 friends and 2 friends of my children this past month. Fighting grief is a hard task. I […]

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Give Yourself Permission to Feel

1 Comment 03 April 2016

I Learned That on the Other Side of Fear Is My Freedom From five years old to 18 years old, I didn’t tell anyone that I was attracted to the same sex. I feared that I wouldn’t be accepted. Quieting my voice around my sexual orientation conditioned me to quiet my voice around everything else […]

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Love Warrior Community Challenge

1 Comment 08 March 2016

We know the power that women have to change the world, and we know that the more we love ourselves, the more impact we have. Building the Foundation for Self-Love, a 17-week e-course, is our gift to you. Normally, we sell it at $399, for a limited time, it’s yours for whatever you decide to […]

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I’m giving up the belief that I’m not good enough and I’ll tell you how.

0 Comments 03 March 2016

Is there something you’re giving up for Lent? I’m giving up the belief that I’m not good enough and I’ll tell you how. I remember the beautiful stained glass windows and mosaic altar of my church, I remember the priest smearing ashes prominently on my forehead, which was supposed to look like a cross to […]

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Music: Video by India Arie

Added on 22 December 2011

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Lyrics Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don’t Sometimes I comb my hair and sometimes I won’t Depend on how the wind blows I might even paint my toes It really just depends on whatever feels good in my soul I’m not the average girl from your video and I ain’t built like […]

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