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My Inner Mother

0 Comments 18 May 2015

This week I have worked about 40 hours. My best friend graduated from grad school this weekend past. I requested off for this occasion about 3 weeks in advance, only to find out that I wouldn’t be able to make it until Sunday. I worked my Saturday shift from 12-10 p.m., drove home to pack […]

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Music: Body Love by Mary Lambert

0 Comments 17 May 2015

This song may be triggering, and mentions cutting and trauma The most profound line I heard from Mary Lambert’s song “Body Love” is “I know I am because I say I am.” I have had to practice telling myself that I am enough until I believed it first, and that others could believe it second. […]

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Car Wash

0 Comments 05 May 2015

I washed my new car yesterday. While this is a normal and daily task for some, I never really indulge in it. This time I felt my surroundings. The soft grass supported my weight after long hours of being at work on a floor that does more harm than good to my joints. I felt […]

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Seeking Your Inner Mother: May Self-Love Diet Writing Prompt

2 Comments 29 April 2015

The month of May is upon us. When I think of May the first thing I think of is Mother’s Day. Way back in 1861-1865, Ann Reeves Jarvis began a journey which ultimately gave us this National Holiday. She began Mother’s Day Work Clubs, a precursor to our contemporary parenting classes for women. In 1868, […]

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Pushing for Positivity

0 Comments 27 April 2015

There will come a day when you just don’t want to and when that day comes, PUSH. — Carlitta Heart disease has taken it’s toll on my family. I have always worried about my life-span or when it would have an effect on me directly. I have been doing cardio and trying my best to […]

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Video: 10 Honest Thoughts on Being Loved by a Skinny Boy

0 Comments 20 April 2015

ADULT LANGUAGE “The phrase ‘Big girls need love too’ can go die in a fire. Fucking me does not require an asterisk. Loving me is not a fetish. Finding me beautiful is not a novelty. I am not a novelty.” – Rachel Wiley Rachel Wiley shares from a powerfully vulnerable place about her insecurities about being […]

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Video: The Tampon Poem by Sierra DeMulder

0 Comments 14 April 2015

ADULT LANGUAGE When I had my first visit from my “Little Friend,” I pleaded to the Good Lord to change me into a boy. The seething and annoying pain. The mess. The odd smell. The shame. The potential embarrassment. Not being able to talk about it openly with my peers because of the attached taboo… […]

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Music: Birthday by Selena Gomez

0 Comments 13 April 2015

This week, I will be turning the big 25. Wow. 25. When I was younger, the only age that I looked forward to was 18 and I could finally get from under my father’s overbearing thumb. I never thought I would make it to 18. I was deemed clinically depressed in middle school and I’ve […]

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Video: Melissa May – “Dear Ursula” (WoWPS 2014)

0 Comments 13 April 2015

ADULT LANGUAGE This poem is about the controversial decision to alter Ursula the Sea Witch’s appearance to fit an haute couture status quo. While my favorite Disney villain has been and always will be Cruella DeVil, I have always had a soft spot for Ursula and her full figure. It has always been important to […]

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1 Comment 09 April 2015

Never by Guy Finley Never speak out of anger, Never act out of fear, Never choose from impatience, But wait… and peace will appear. I have always had trouble with being patient with nearly everything. Things can’t go fast enough, slow enough, go at all… I always feel like I am taking two steps forward […]

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Music: Video by India Arie

Added on 22 December 2011

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Lyrics Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don’t Sometimes I comb my hair and sometimes I won’t Depend on how the wind blows I might even paint my toes It really just depends on whatever feels good in my soul I’m not the average girl from your video and I ain’t built like […]

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