What’s Loving to Me

Day 6 of 31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge: “Compile a List of Self-Love Actions, and Do One of Them.”

1. Meditate
2. Cuddle with Pixie
3. Spend time with my longest Bestie
4. Have a girls day/night
5. Meet someone new
6. Go out dancing
7. Sing
8. Go one of my fav metaphysical stores
9. Do a Shamanic Journey
10. Give myself some Reiki and/or Chakra Balance
11. Read a book
12. Have some hot tea and watch Netflix or Hulu curled up w Pixie
13. Go to the Mountains
14. Walk on the beach (have to travel for this one)
15. Go to the theatre
16. Take a class
17. Mentor or Empower someone else, Empower myself
18. Put a smile on someone’s face which puts a smile on mine!
19. Have a coffee date
20. Go through my fav pictures of people I love
21. Take a trip home to see my momma
22. Get my haircut
23. Get some Acupuncture, Massage, Reiki, Shamanic work…
24. Paint
25. Take a guitar or drum lesson
26. Dress up and go to a nice dinner
27. Buy a new crystal or gemstone
28. Do a vision board
29. Go to a hot springs
30. Play a game with friends
31. Write
32. Go to a comedy show
33. Take a road trip

I stole Lindsey Wert’s 33 items because it’s my fav number! 😃 I have done 5 out of my 33 today, so I really focused on myself and making sure I’m resting to get well. I’m finally feeling better and ready for my trip home to Dallas, TX to see my momma next week, then starting my new college courses and new school the week after that! So much change is in the air and I love it! So grateful! 🙏🏼❤️

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