31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge

5 minute Gratitude Journal

0 Comments 17 January 2017

Today was a full day, but I wanted to write a post, so I chose the 5 minute Gratitude Journal. It didn’t take me long to add meaning to my day by using this Self-Love Diet tool. 

In the morning, write down: 3 things you’re grateful for

My husband brought me a cup of coffee and then a smoothie in bed this morning.
My daughter’s upbeat personality is a great counterpart when she experiences challenges in her life.
My long standing career that has given me so much.

3 things that would make today great

Spending time with Al’s siblings at our monthly lunches.

Write on a prompt from the 31 day SLD writing challenge.

Help my husband create the outline for facilitating his first training camp for his associates.

2 daily affirmations (For example, I am great because….)

I am great because I care for people and do my best to be of service.
I have a positive outlook on life.

Before you go to bed, write down: 3 amazing things that happened today

I helped my sister-in-law out of her wheelchair to go to the bathroom, and it was easier than I thought!

I shared something with the siblings and got open mindedness, support and love!

I got 5 responses from therapists who are interested in working with one of my long term clients when I retire!

2 ways you could have made today better

If I had helped my daughter with her new born it would have been an even better day.

If I had gone for a walk, I would have felt the peace that only walks in nature give me.

I look forward to hear how you are bringing gratitude into your life. 

Blessings on your Self-Love Diet Journey,


Michelle Minero 


This self-love post was inspired by a 31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge prompt. Join us, and make self-love your New Year’s resolution this year!

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A Self-Love New Year’s Resolution

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