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Breath, Benefits of a Conscious Breathing Practice

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Randy Gardner stayed awake for 264 hours, about 11 days, when he was 17 for a school science fair project in1965.

Mahatma Gandhi survived 21 days without food.

Three to four days is a typical amount of time for people to go without water, however at the end of people’s lives, they have been known to go without water for approximately a week.

But breathing? Brain cells begin to die after 1 minute without oxygen. Serious brain damage is likely within 3 minutes without breathing and serious and possibly irreversible brain damage after 5 to 10 minutes of not breathing.

I have taken breathing for granted, like I imagine fish take water for granted. It’s an integral part of living. We breath when we are awake, and when we’re sleeping. I don’t usually think about it until my nose is stuffy and I can’t breath easily.

Day 11 of the 31 Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge asks us to focus on our breath. I notice I take deep breaths when I feel stressed. It helps me release the stress I feel in my body and soothes my central nervous system, allowing me to feel more comfortable.

By giving my attention to my breath, I can slow myself down when I’m feeling revved up, soothe myself when I’m feeling anxious, boost my energy level when I’m feeling tired, and elevate my mood when I’m feeling low.

Do you give your breath the attention and care it deserves?

Your breath is always available, it’s free, and is a powerful healing agent. When you use your breath consciously, you can reduce your blood pressure, reduce stress, release toxins from your body, strengthen your abdominal and intestinal muscles and even decrease body aches and pains. A five minute breathing exercise before bed will help you get a good nights rest. Following is the instructions for the alternate nostril breathing technique. This practice soothes and calms me and puts me into a relaxed, trance-like state, ready for sleep!!

Sit comfortably with your non dominate hand resting on your lap, palm facing upward.
Put the middle and index finger of your dominate hand in the space between your eyebrows.
Place your thumb and little finger lightly against either side of your nostrils.
Take a deep breath in, then close one nostril with your thumb, exhale out of the other nostril.
Take a deep breath in the nostril you just used to exhale, then close that nostril with your baby finger, releasing your thumb from the other nostril and exhaling from that side.
Inhale now from the same side, switch.
Continue breathing in this way for 5 minutes.

My body, emotions and spirit thank me for the loving attention when I practice this alternate nostril breathing technique. 

I hope you will give this technique  a try if you don’t already have a breathing practice in place and share with us what you notice. 

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Blessings on your Self-Love Diet Journey,

Michelle Minero

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