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Connecting With Your Soul or Authentic Self

0 Comments 04 January 2018

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31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge Day 3: Connect with Your Soul or Authentic Self

Today I did something really scary. I told someone that I loved how I felt-confrontation. I was true to my soul and authentic self. I challenged my fear around abandonment, rejection, and possible loss. I was able to work with this and the fact that at the end of the day all I truly have is myself. And my relationship with myself is the most important thing of all. In working with this I was able to let in the fact that the connection with my soul and authenticity to who I am is most important. Looking at myself in the mirror and being able to be true, loving, and respectful of who I am while honoring my needs is most important. Being authentic to the calling of how I need to be loved, received, and supported has to come innermost from myself.

Being authentic to myself is honoring the fact that I have high expectations, that I am a passionate, opinionated, and have a strong pull towards justice. I believe in equality and standing up for those who can’t-and teaching them how to do so. I worked on honoring this and being true to my story and what I believe is right.

I am also aware of the part of my soul that desires deeper connection and is often lonely as it is hard to find people to connect on the level that I desire. I am brought back to the fact that I have to deepen this within myself. Being with myself and excepting all that is, is my greatest task and most important. I worked on my perspective of authenticity and trying to be truest to who I am.

I am aware of a calling to deepen myself and finding the tribe to do so. This is my souls work. I have never marched or followed the line and I don’t think I ever will.

Many blessings,

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