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A List of Loving Actions to Take

0 Comments 10 January 2018

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Day 6 of the 31 Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge: “Compile a List of Self-Love Actions, and Do One of Them.”

1. Find new positive affirmations and put them in places that I see a lot.
2. Take a walk with river and notice the beauty of the earth around me.
3. Spend time in nature and smell the fresh rain from this week.
4. Take a yoga class in the next week.
5. Look in the mirror and repeat positive affirmations about words about worth and value
6. Say no to something.
7. Say yes to something that would be a challenge.
8. Allow yourself to go to bed early and get adequate rest for your body.
9. Be conscious and bring in enough water during the day.
10. Listen to your body and do not push it too hard.
11. Food that fuels you in feels good in your body.
12. Take a hot bubble bath with salt.
13. Put on a nice outfit that makes you feel good.
14. Wear your yoga pants whenever you can this week as they’re comfortable.
15. Take time this week to create art.
16. Take time to read something that you desire.
17. Watch a good movie.
18. Do something that makes you laugh.
19. Spend time with someone you love.
20. Smell a flower.
21. Offer someone some extra support.
22. Offer yourself some extra support.
23. Take more deep breaths.
24. Cuddle with River
25. Listen to some music that inspires you. Listen to some music that inspired you.
26. Take a drive somewhere you want to go.
27. Allow yourself to cry when you need to.
28. Allow someone to witness your feelings.
29. Reach out to someone you have not in a while.
30. Spend more time meal prepping.
31. Clean and organize.
32. Look at cards that make you happy.
33. Celebrate your 33rd birthday on January 24th❤️❤️
I think 33 will be a good number to end on. Hence the above

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