31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge

Dear Body, Will You Forgive Me?

0 Comments 26 January 2017

Dear Body,
As we progress through this sixth decade together, I’m noticing you need more of my attention and time.
I have been going to physical therapy to learn and practice the stretches and muscle building exercises that will help you be more comfortable. I’m learning where you’re weak, and where you need my loving help. I’ve also learned through this process that you have grown some bone spurs that may need minor surgery to correct.
I am taking responsibility for not following through diligently in doing my exercises and taking care of you as I’ve been directed.
I acknowledge that you are still experiencing pain and stiffness when I could have lessened that for you by having a daily practice of following my exercise program.
I imagine you are feeling hurt, ignored and discounted when I go through a day without giving you what you need.
I promise to improve. In order to be successful in following through, I commit to executing my full program a minimum of 3 days a week with the intention of building up to every day.
I am sorry I have neglected you. You have been with me from day one in utero, and I truly appreciate you. I am so grateful that you have carried me through my life.
Will you forgive me?



This self-love post was inspired by a 31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge prompt. Join us, and make self-love your New Year’s resolution this year!

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A Self-Love New Year’s Resolution

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