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Declare Independence From Limiting Beliefs

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July 4th 1776 marked the date our leaders declared their independence from the rule of Britain.

In the Self-Love Diet (a diet of regularly offering yourself love), we declare our independence from the rule of beliefs and behaviors that hold us back from the ability to love ourselves and have a healthy, passionate life.

I have a thought pattern that I have been working on changing for a while now. My thought pattern is: My self-esteem is related to what I do. If I believe that, I need to continuously accomplish things in order to feel good about myself. This is a set up for exhaustion!

Have negative messages taken over your mind? Any like these?

My appearance is integral to my success in life.
I can never be too rich or too thin.
My value comes from my accomplishments.
I’m fat. Being fat is bad.
I must fit into certain cultural boxes in order to be acceptable.
There is something inherently wrong with me that needs fixing.

What negative messages have taken over your mind?

I invite you to write a declaration of independence from the domination of your specific negative message(s).

Here’s my declaration:

I’ll share a part of my declaration from 2014 with you because it’s a perfect fit for me now as I traverse this new place in my life called retirement. This is the beauty of journaling. We can go back and reread our writings. Sometimes we can measure our progress through our writing, and other times, like now, we can be inspired by our past self!

I am declaring independence from needing to accomplish things. This does not mean I won’t continue to actively participate in life. I know there are things I want to do and accomplish. What I am declaring independence from is needing to do something grand in order to have worth or value.

I declare that my very being, just like yours, is enough.

My intention is that by being with myself and listening to my heart’s desires, I will make this world a better place each day. It does not need to be connected to passing a bill in the senate, creating a recovery program, or building a successful business. I know the world is a better place when I offer a smile to a stranger, a hug to a friend, listen to others with my heart, or spend time “being” with myself and loved ones.

What will you declare independence from?

I invite you to post your declaration of independence as a comment to this post, on our Facebook page Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works, on our Facebook groups, Love Warrior Community or Love Warrior Community for Professionals, or submit a blog post to be published on the Love Warrior Community.

Blessings on your Self-Love Journey,

Michelle Minero MFT

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  1. Lindsey says:

    Thank you for this beautiful share !! This is something I will focus on writing this month. I relate to everything you said in yours. It spoke deeply to my heart. I hope that retirement is offering you everything you may have dreamt of. ❤️

  2. Leah Oviedo says:

    I declare freedom from worrying that my choices are not going to turn out well!

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