Explore — Explore what the Love Warrior Community has to offer. Listen to inspiring music, watch body positive videos, look at empowering artwork and photography and read body love letters, body forgiveness letters, inspiring quotes, short fiction, poetry and others’ self-love posts.

Share — Share your favorite videos, music and creations that revolve around self-love, body acceptance, personal growth and global healing.

Create — Create your own music, videos, artwork and photography and writing and submit it here!

Self-Love Tools

Love Warrior Posts to Your Email

Have the Love Warrior Community music, videos, artwork, photography and writing sent directly to your email after it’s published. To the right of the website you’ll see a place where you can enter your name and email to have the LWC creations sent directly to you.

The Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works

Buy Michelle E. Minero, MFT’s book, The Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works, which explores the 7 paths of The Self-Love Diet, spiritual, body, thoughts, feelings, relationships, culture and world, to help you develop your own self-love practice. Buy Michelle’s book here.

Self-Love Writing:

You can read others’ posts about their self-love journey and submit your own self-love posts to be published on our group self-love blog.

Love Warrior Writing:

One aspect of the Love Warrior Community is writing. We have 5 writing sections: Self-love journaling (mentioned above), poetry, short fiction, body love letters and body forgiveness letters.

The act of reading empowering content is powerful.

You can also submit your favorite short fiction and poetry or your own short fiction, poetry, body love letters, body forgiveness letters and self-love journaling.

Love Warrior Music:

An other aspect of the Love Warrior Community is music. You can listen to the music that others’ have submitted to the Love Warrior Community and you can submit music, either songs that have impacted you or your own music.

Listen to empowering music

Submit music

Love Warrior Videos:

You can watch empowering, body positive videos, from poetry slams, to lectures, to short films and more. You can also submit videos that have impacted you. You can submit your favorite videos from others or videos that you have created yourself.

Watch empowering videos

Submit a video

Love Warrior Photography:

Looking at inspiring and body positive images, instead of the images in magazines and on the billboards can make a difference in our thoughts and how we view ourselves. We have three photo galleries: our non-airbrushed real people portrait gallery, our self-love inspired photography gallery and our inspiring quote-image gallery. You can view each gallery by clicking on the links below.

You can also submit your favorite photos, with the permission of the photographer, or your own photos or image-quote creations.

Love Warrior Art:

We also feature art inspired by self-love, body acceptance and healing on the Love Warrior Community. You can look at the art shared by others or submit your favorite art, with the permission of the artist, or your own art.

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