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I Am Grateful

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Day 18: 31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge (Submitted January, 18, 2017)

Dear LW Community,

I have been thinking about how to express gratitude throughout my day. I expressed my gratitude to a homeless man on the street by wishing him love an offering him food. I expressed gratitude in my relationship with my roommates by doing some cleaning and taking time to buy something that the house needed. I expressed my gratitude for my dog through spending extra cuddle time for him and giving him a special bone. I expressed gratified for the clients I work with by sending appreciation texts for their commitment to their continued healing. Most of all, I would like to express gratitude to my therapist who has helped pave the way of self-acceptance and transformation in my life. Here is my letter to her.

Dear ….those not to be named on Facebook,

I am grateful for your resilient heart. I am grateful for the way you model self-love, acceptance, and honor the person that you are. Since the day that I met you I knew that you were special. I knew that you were meant to be in my life for a deeper meaning and purpose. I am grateful for your unconditional love that has taught me that I am lovable, loved, and that I too can extend my wings to fly. I am grateful for your smile, your kind touch, heart, and the way that your presence bring peace to my soul. I am thankful for the container in which you have kept me safe, challenged me and made me see things that I would’ve never dreamt possible. I am grateful for your expansive heart, your creativity, sensitivity, intelligence, and your abundant love for others and life. I am grateful and blessed to know some of your family members who are wonderful people and model that I too can have a loving and supportive family. I am grateful that you let me see this side of you. I am grateful for your honesty and deep vulnerability. I am grateful that I was let in this way as it has taught me something that’s invaluable. It has taught me that this type of connection is what I truly want to life. This makes me grateful for my trials, hardships, and the road that led me to you. As hard as my life has been, I would go through it all again to meet you. Your love is beyond measure, comprehension, and so valuable.

I am grateful for your laughter at my corny jokes, for the times that you sit with me in pain, for trying to understand, for being generous, thoughtful, and always going the extra mile. I am grateful that you’ve stayed with me on this journey through my recovery from my eating disorder, trauma, abuse, and chronic Lyme. I don’t know how I would have done it without you. I don’t even want to comprehend that. What I do know is that if I had to choose one person I was the most grateful for it would be you. Thank you for seeing me, all of me, and never doubting I am whole.

I’m grateful for your little notes, the art that you have created for me, love that abides in tangible things, and for the creativity you help me express in my life. I am grateful for your leadership and love that has helped me reach my goal to become a licensed marriage and family therapist who also works in the same field. I’m grateful that I have been able to walk by your side and more than one way and learn from you. I am grateful for your life lessons that have taught me so much. They have truly been a gift. I’m thankful for the endless check-in’s, phone calls, and love that has helped ground me and my purpose and who I am. I am grateful for you sticking through and times when I didn’t want to. I am thankful and grateful for your belief in me. I am grateful for the re-mothering experiences that I’ve had with you. I’m thankful that you have given me safe touch which has helped heal old wounds. I’m thankful that I have learned that there is safe touch. I’m grateful that this was you. I am grateful for your listening ear and for honoring the place that I have been working as part of the treatment team.

As life moves forward, most of all I am grateful for the fact that I will carry you in my heart wherever I go. And I will transfer that love into every single soul that I touch. I will transfer that into my marriage, children, and continue to transfer that love into myself. I am grateful that you have a family that surrounds you, loves you unconditionally, and that you are taking the next step in your journey. Though it may not be easy, I am grateful for everything you brought to my life and that I know deep within that you will be happy.

Lindsey Wert

This self-love post was inspired by a 31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge prompt. Join us, and make self-love your New Year’s resolution this year!

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