Love Warrior Internships

What We’re About:

The Love Warrior Community is an online community focused on helping people work on self-love and body acceptance. It’s a community that uses creativity to help encourage people to create their own self-love practice. Our Motto is “Love your body. Love yourself. Love the world.”

Why We Need You:

If we can spread the Love Warrior Community, that means more people actively bringing self-love into their lives and into the lives of others, it means more people accepting and loving themselves as they are and it means more people empowered to follow their passions and share them with the world.

The Love Warrior Community is as strong as those involved. By joining the Love Warrior Community, you will have the opportunity to create your own self-love practice, bringing more love into your life and the lives of those around you. By joining the Love Warrior Community, you will be able to influence a greater number of people and help them to see their value and worth beyond their bodies.

Available Internships

  • Love Warrior Community (LWC) Social Media Manager

What You’ll be Doing & Learning:

Online Community Building:
You will help us get more people to interact with our site and social media by having them submit music, videos, art, photography and writing (poetry, quotes, short fiction, body love letters and body forgiveness letters) to the Love Warrior Community. You will also get more people interacting with our group blog by having them submit their reflections and thoughts about their self-love journey. And you will get more people to comment on the content on the group blog and on the Love Warrior Community.

Social Media:
You will share content on the Love Warrior Social Media networks and become active on our Facebook and Twitter community.

You will run at least one Facebook campaign and contest to get more people interacting with the Love Warrior Community.

You will run at least one Twitter live chat and/or contest.

Basic SEO:
SEO stands for search engine optimization. We’ll teach you basic HTML so you can put our key phrases into the appropriate places when you’re writing/publishing content for the Love Warrior Community and group blog.

Blog Commenting:
You will be interacting with a few different blogs that have similar content to ours by reading through their articles and commenting on them. This does 3 things. It helps develop a relationship between you and the Love Warrior Community and the person or group behind the blog. It benefits you by reading and actively connecting with inspiring and empowering content and it benefits the Love Warrior Community by creating backlinks to our website and blog.

Also, by participating in other online communities, you are networking by making connections with the creator and the readers, which helps spread the word about you and the Love Warrior Community to other online audiences, making more people aware of the Love Warrior Community and opening doors for collaboration.

Love Warrior Community Liaison:
You will be the contact person and liaison for the Love Warrior Community, responding to, connecting with and contacting people participating in our community.

Content Creation/Gathering/Publishing:
You will find content that is inspiring, body positive, empowering and related to self-love and will post it to our site and social media.

These are the categories where you will be publishing content:
• Writing
o Quotes/Micro-fiction
o Body Love Letters
o Body Forgiveness Letters
o Short Fiction
o Poetry
• Photography
o Self-Love Portraits
o Self-Love Photography
• Videos
• Music
• Group Self-Love Blog
• Art
• SoulCollage® Cards
• Testimonials
• Articles/News/Updates/Interviews/Reviews
• Social Media

Creating content gives you an opportunity to express and share more of your personality with the Love Warrior Community and it helps to develop your active self-love practice. You can create content for any of the categories. You can write poetry, sing a song, make a video — you can create anything to publish to the Love Warrior Community.

When running campaigns and contests, you will also be writing updates on our site. If you find news, articles and other blog posts from other online communities that really resonate with you that you want to share, you can either write about it and publish it to the Love Warrior Community or write a blurb about it and share it on Twitter and Facebook. If you see a movie, documentary, play or read a book that relates to our content, you can write a review about it and publish it to the Love Warrior Community. You also may be interviewing people and you will be publishing those to the Love Warrior Community.

Getting people to submit content will be necessary for publishing body love letters, body forgiveness letters, self-love posts, testimonials and SoulCollage® cards to the Love Warrior Community.

Publishing content — We will teach you how to navigate WordPress, and one of the things you will learn to do is how to publish content.

Create Your Own Self-Love Practice/Write For the Group Blog:
While interning with the Love Warrior Community as the Social Media Manager you will naturally begin to develop a self-love practice. You’ll be searching for, reading, writing, creating, listening to, watching and working with positive and empowering content. If you surround yourself with self-love content, naturally, it’s going to rub off on you.

One thing you will be doing while interning with us is writing for the group self-love blog. This will take your self-love practice to the next level. The self-love group blog is a place for people to reflect and think about their self-love journey. Some people may use it as accountability to bring more self-love actions into their life. Others may use it to reflect on large portions of their life, or their past year, month or week. Others may use it to reflect on their day or a specific moment in time. What struggles, successes, obstacles and revelations have occurred when actively working on bringing more self-love into your life? These are the things that my mom and myself write about pertaining to our own self-love journey.

When you write about your self-love journey, it forces you to actively think about it, which helps to strengthen an active self-love practice. We’re excited for you to join us in writing in the group blog. We’re excited that it will bring more self-love into your life, which will effect you and those around you.

The Perks

You Will Be Loved and Appreciated:

There will be a lot of benefits from working with us.
1. You will develop your own active self-love practice.
2. You will be helping others to love themselves more.
3. You will learn a lot of skills that will make you effective with social media, online community building and the web. And down the line if you have your own website or blog or are managing one for work, you’ll know how to market it online and how to build and maintain a following.
4. You will be published on the Love Warrior Community and on the Self Love Warrior blog.
5. You’ll be featured on the Love Warrior Community website. We’ll have a page dedicated to you with your bio, your picture and what you’re passionate about so you can share your awesomeness to the Love Warrior Community.
6. You’ll be appreciated for the work you do.
7. You will get some of the Love Warrior Community Zazzle swag for free.
8. You’ll get to share your voice with the Love Warrior Community.
9. You may get random surprises from us because we appreciate you.
10. You’ll get support and encouragement from us in your own self-love journey.


The Love Warrior Internships are online/location independent/telecommute internships.

Before we begin, you will submit your proposal for the days and hours you want to work.
You’ll need to create a gmail and Skype account if you don’t already have one. They are free if you need to set them up and if you need help setting them up, we will help you.

When you login to work during your scheduled time, you’ll login to Skype to check in with us and to check out, and we’ll be able to chat with you and vice versa while you work. We’ll have weekly meetings via video Skype to check-in with each other.

Occasionally we’ll video Skype so we can train you in navigating WordPress, etc. We’ll also have a google doc for you to check each day you work for new tasks that we’ll post for you to do.

If you would like to apply to be a Love Warrior Intern, email us at and send us a message about why you would love to be a Love Warrior Intern.

We’re looking forward to adding you to our team!

Michelle & Emelina Minero

My Invitation To You



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