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It’s time to laugh!!

0 Comments 08 April 2017

April is National Humor Month and it could not have come soon enough!

We find ourselves in a time in history where our country is divided. People are fighting on Facebook and families have become so torn that they no longer gather together. During times like these we can all use a little laughter to brighten our days.

Since discovering that April is national humor month, I’ve been putting on my “humor glasses.” These glasses help me to see the humor in everyday occurrences. Since having this perspective, I’ve noticed I have been laughing out loud more often. It’s contagious, and it feels really good to share laughter with others.

If you have a history of having an eating disorder, or are in recovery from one, you may notice how laughter took a leave of absence. Recovery brings so many benefits, returning your humor is one of them!

Whether you have had issues with your body and food, or not, bringing laughter into your life is a great intention for this month.

I’ve gleaned the following three suggestions from Larry Wilde a comedian, professional speaker, and best-selling author, to deal with anxiety, and life’s frustrations by bringing more joy through laughter into your life.

#1     Take a humor break instead of a coffee break.

To decrease stress and help ground and relax yourself try a tip that I suggest to my clients. Stop and take 3 deep breaths before picking up your phone calls or responding to texts. Similarly, before a stressful event, or at random times when you could use a mood lift, I encourage you to remember funny things that have happened to you or others that actually make you laugh out loud. By having two or three funny things in mind you will be prepared to switch up your mood when it’s needed. Taking time out for laugher is a great de-stressor and research has evidence that it can actually improve your health.

#2     Have a “Humor Bag.”

I ask my clients to always have a food bag with them. This encourages my clients who restrict food to eat, and for those who may overeat, or are prone to binging, to have snacks available which can help them avoid these behaviors. Parents would never think of leaving the house with out a diaper bag filled with bottles and snacks for their infants and toddlers, so I suggest that my clients care for themselves as lovingly as they would their children.

What about having a “humor bag?” Perhaps you’ll actually have a bag or backpack filled with joke books, funny stories, etc. Maybe you’ll find it more convenient to start a digital collection of funny memes, videos or jokes and put them on your phone for easy access when you need a humor break. Before having a serious conversation, or starting something stressful, pull out your bag, or your phone and wala! You’ve just used your humor bag to treat  yourself to a laugh break!

#3 Don’t take yourself so seriously. Laugh at your own shortcomings and foibles.

My husband of 40 years has a great sense of humor. We find ourselves laughing daily, mostly at ourselves and life in general. We’re lucky that I’m a couples therapist. Over the years we’ve practiced basic communication tools that have kept our relationship healthy. We still consistently like to be right and have the other person be wrong, or we tend to like to blame each other. When we are in the middle of these silly and futile behaviors, we start laughing when we catch ourselves, or when we’re caught!

Life’s frustrations can become ludicrous when we become aware of how unimportant they are, and how unimportant we are, in the universal scheme of things.

What do you find humorous? Are you willing to look for the belly laughs awaiting you?

I bet you already have some favorite jokes, you tube videos, SNL episodes, movies or late night TV shows that all offer the healing power of laughter.

In honor of April’s National Humor Month, we are inviting you to submit jokes, post stories of humorous life events, or links to video clips that made you laugh out loud. Post them to the Self-Love Diet. the Only Diet That Works Facebook Page, and you will be entered into a drawing for our latest E-Course; 7 Self-Love Diet Food &Eating Guidelines.

Good luck, and let the laughter begin!

Blessings on your Self-Love Diet Journey,

Michelle E Minero MFT and Emelina Minero

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