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Love is Always and Forever Present

0 Comments 04 January 2018

Photograph of hands forming the shape of a heart with a sunset in the background. In the heart shape are the words, "forever" and "always".

31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge Day 2: What Would LOVE Do?

LOVE would always be present when you remove negative or disempowering emotions. We are born to LOVE and most everything else we teach one another. LOVE would reverse all else and we would get back to how we are born. LOVE exists in all things because we are all born for a reason. LOVE knows no gender, isn’t contained like a thing, and when you nourish/water it, can continue to grow. LOVE doesn’t know circumstances, “it’s complicated” or difficult, you’re not what I expected…

LOVE shows up in miraculous ways, isn’t complicated at all unless we say it is. LOVE is the greatest gift of all! LOVE can heal! LOVE can nourish! LOVE can grow! LOVE can strengthen! LOVE can withstand time! It’s truly easy to LOVE if you remain open to it for yourself and your life! LOVE softens! LOVE is warm! LOVE is soft! LOVE glows from the inside! LOVE is infectious! If you look around with your heart and third eye open, I guarantee there is at least one person that LOVES you! I LOVE YOU…yes you, reading this!

LOVE is always and forever present, it just may not look the way you thought it would in your head! LOVE comes from your heart, so tell your head it isn’t the ruler and has no jurisdiction in this realm! Choose to LOVE as if it’s your last day and as if you’ve never been hurt! I choose to tell at least one person every single day that I LOVE them, so I hope you steal this and choose to join me in an empowering act of sharing the LOVE! LOVE is much more fun and enriching when it’s shared!

Who will you share your LOVE with today?

I shared LOVE with myself in getting what I needed today, I shared LOVE with my beloved dog, and I shall share LOVE with a friend. I just might up my own challenge and expand even more how much I share my LOVE! LOVE doesn’t know limits and shouldn’t be kept…give it away as the beautiful gift it is! I LOVE this annual challenge and am so blessed to participate! Thank you Love Warrior Community! I LOVE each and every single one of you!!!

Dina F Gilmore

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