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Love Is Unconditional Running Through My Veins

2 Comments 17 January 2017

Day 12: 31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge

What Does Self-Love Mean to You?

This is a very broad question. I am going to answer this in the form of what is love as it applies also to self-love and feels easier for me to expand and build on. I find that loving others is easier than myself and developing this love toward myself is the ultimate form of self-love.

Love is unconditional running through my veins
The touch of a hand
A loving embrace
Love is shelter from the storm
Never having to apologize for who I am
Breathing in and out the preciousness of earth and life

Love is resting as well as testing
My beliefs and my values
To be all that I can
For others and myself
To grow and expand
To take leaps and falls
To stand up tall
To rise and practice believing in all that is good

Love is celebrating success and holding those dear near
To nurture the heart with knowledge and through fear
To embrace Self like a newborn baby child
To unite the Divine, mother and child

Love is to call and ask for help
To let feeling me be known, processed and felt
Love is encouragement with others and self
Knowing and accepting when others make mistakes
And having a balance of give and take
Love is bold and love is silent
It is witness and can contest
With honesty and truth
Surrounded with wall of softness that hold and support
By being gracious and practicing gratitude and being conscious of attitude

Love is easing up and giving time
To be with those who fill you up and is also a warm coffee cup
That picks you up and mends what feels like broken pieces
Of the heart, spirit, and soul

Love is connectedness and it does not die
It lives one and changes the earth, mother and lifetimes
Love speaks truth and echoes strength and courage
It lights the path and shines through the darkness
It holds dualities and hope
It helps heal most

Love is a wish, a hand and a tear
Love is a witness that holds you near
Love is precious and it is near
Like the light within the heart
One is never apart
Love is the witness of pain and devotion
Love is the voice that leads through commotion
It echoes its truth in all times
If you listen closely it will always be there
It is someone within and without that really cares

Love is patient and Is kind
It fills the heat and the mind
With warmth, laughter, and expansion
It moves life forward with passion
Love is creating family
It is sharing oneself
It is open vulnerability and takes care of oneself
So one can be with others
They must fill them self first
There is enough to go around
For all those who come
Who come to the table of life
Called love ❤
Reaching for service to fill the divide of self and other
We are one

– Lindsey

This self-love post was inspired by a 31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge prompt. Join us, and make self-love your New Year’s resolution this year!

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2 Comments so far

  1. Leah Oviedo says:

    Beautifully inspiring. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Michelle Minero says:

    I love your poetry. It is consistently beautiful and powerful. I also agree with Leah that your words are inspiring.

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