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My Unwanted Thoughts

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31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge Day 5: Become Aware of, Confront, and Change Your Critical Thought Patterns

Confronting and replacing my thoughts is one of my all-time favorite tools from the Self-Love Diet. I am constantly second guessing my ability to succeed. In my youth I was a late bloomer and with suffering from depression for 17 years I feel like I also am blooming late as an adult.

My most negative thoughts come from constantly worrying about not having a four-year college degree, not having a successful career, and not earning enough money as an artist and writer to support myself. I let myself become frustrated with these thoughts. When I create these thoughts during a time when I am unsure about my next step, they become so overwhelming I sometimes cry.

This thought pattern leads me to believe in all my failures instead of believing in all my accomplishments. It’s a frightening cycle to become stuck in and can take me days to escape. Here is the process in its simplest form:

Unwanted Thought: I am never going to have a successful career as an artist and writer. I will bounce from one low paying job to the next and never realize my dreams.

Confront: This isn’t true. I’ve already made some money from my art and sold my books.

Replace: If I continue working on my goals I will succeed. I have already accomplished a lot. Just because I am not successful at some things, doesn’t mean I am not a successful person. I need to remember that truth!

Apologize: I am sorry for doubting myself. I know that I spent a lot of time healing from early trauma and how hard I work. It’s okay to not be as successful as other people my age.

Commit: I commit to always work toward my goals and confront unwanted thoughts that cause me to feel like a loser.

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