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The Power of Speaking My Truth

0 Comments 04 January 2018

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31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge Day 3: Connect with Your Soul or Authentic Self

I listened to what my body needed today when I woke up sick. I called in sick to work (I’m a Massage Therapist by day) for today and tomorrow. I rarely ever do this and usually suffer through it like I did yesterday when I felt something coming on. I went to bed early (well, early for me because I’m a night owl) with alarm set to wake up earlier to see how I would feel.

I definitely was not my best this morning. I only thought about the loss of money for a moment (that’s new and I usually obsess about the missed work), and rested the entire day.

I had an invitation to hang out with one of my best gal pals (she’s sick too), but knew it wasn’t in my best interest to drive. As much as I would love to see my friend, I needed to take care of me first. I usually say yes to most everything and invites (especially from closest friends), but I learned it’s not always in my best decisions to do that. I think I have finally learned the art of “no thank you” when it comes to what I need or want.

I have to take care of my needs better, ensure better self-care, and it all leads to being a better version of me! I am proud of being authentic to myself—what I needed to hopefully feel better, and recover faster.

I hydrated, took immune supplements/vitamins, used my DoTerra oils, took 2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water am/pm, made myself eat food, rested/napped curled up with my fur child (my doggie), and watched Hulu and Netflix.

I’m really starting to enjoy my own power in speaking my truth to myself and others. It may sound weird, but I feel confident and sexy in doing this challenge this year! I feel like I’m shifting/changing/growing so much faster!!!

I look forward to reading other posts by such amazing souls! Many blessings and much LOVE to everyone!

Dina F Gilmore

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