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How Would Your Life Be Different
If You Loved Yourself and Your Body?

You may have mistakenly thought that your problem is your body. It is not.

Changing your outsides has never been the solution. The problem has been your inability up to this point, to know without a doubt that you are acceptable, valuable, worthwhile, and lovable exactly as you are in this moment.

Any problems you may have with accepting your body are a reflection of past faulty beliefs, and can be reversed through the process of self–acceptance and love.

We are in desperate need of creating more love in this world. You may have felt powerless in the past to do anything about our state of affairs. Today you have the power to begin where you can; with yourself, in this safe, supportive family called The Love Warrior Community.

My intention is for us to be co–creators of a new community devoted to Love. Thank you for joining me on this journey of Self–Love!


Joining the Love Warrior Community

The power of love is tangible. If you’ve ever been in the presence of people who love each other, you can feel it.

By joining us you are committing to offer love to yourself and others.

You join us by reading, watching and listening to the offerings of others. As you continue to visit this sanctuary of love you may be moved to share inspiring quotes, photography, art, music, your insights, your creativity, and your story.

Your creativity has tremendous healing potential. It can sometimes be overlooked as a tool for recovery and healing. You have found a place to bring it forth.

Our community is just one piece of the puzzle for healing and health. Love yourself enough to seek additional support from many different avenues. Psychotherapy, Medical Attention, Consulting a Registered Dietitian, Support Groups, 12 Step Programs, Residential Programs, Yoga, Meditation, Chi Gung, and Acupuncture are some examples of other Self–Love activities which can lead to healing and health.

We are just beginning. I envision the loving energy of our Love Warrior Community connecting with and expanding the Love around us, within us, spreading across our earth and into the heavens. Together we will transform ourselves and the world.

Creating Your Self-Love Practice

The most important thing I’ve learned about beginning and sustaining a self-live practice is consistency. Doing something loving every day is the secret to self-love.

I wrote a self-love post every day in January of last year. These self-love posts helped me be more conscious and mindful of loving myself. Knowing people were going to read my self-love posts gave me accountability to continue my work, and kept my eyes open to ideas and experiences that I could write about.

During that month of January I was also listening to the self-love songs on my website daily while getting ready for work. That helped me celebrate my body by listening to the affirming lyrics. I found the music uplifting and noticed my emotions were more positive the remainder of the day. I also noticed myself singing those songs on the way to work, reaffirming the messages.

What I learned was that the consistency of writing about self-love created a mindfulness I had not experienced as focused as before. This daily awareness added up exponentially. I noticed an unparalleled acceptance of my body. Once I was no longer writing daily, I noticed critical body thoughts slipping back in. Writing is one discipline that helps me nurture myself.

It doesn’t matter what self-love actions you take, it is the action of consistent self-love practices that will bring self-love into your life.

Self-Love Tools

Love Warrior Posts to Your Email

Have the Love Warrior Community music, videos, artwork, photography and writing sent directly to your email after it’s published. To the right of the website you’ll see a place where you can enter your name and email to have the LWC creations sent directly to you.

Self-Love Warrior Group Blog:

You can read others’ posts about their self-love journey and submit your own self-love posts to be published on our group self-love blog. Find out more about the: Self-Love Warrior Group Blog.

Love Warrior Writing:

You can read through the Love Warrior short fiction, quotes, micro-fiction, body love letters, body forgiveness letters and poetry. You can also submit your favorite short fiction, quotes, micro-fiction and poetry and write and share your own short fiction, quotes, micro-fiction, poetry, body love letters and body forgiveness letters to be published here. Visit the: Love Warrior Writing Section.

Love Warrior Music:

You can listen to Love Warrior music that we have picked and that others have shared and you can submit your favorite empowering music to be shared here. You can also create and share your own music to share with the Love Warrior Community. Visit the: Love Warrior Community Music Section.

Love Warrior Videos:

Watch and share your favorite empowering videos: poetry slams, lectures, short films, skits, readings — anything that can be put onto video. Create your own videos to share with the Love Warrior Community. Visit the: Love Warrior Community Video Section.

Love Warrior Photography:

Browse through the uplifting and self-love photography and submit your own photography to be featured in the Love Warrior Community. You can also submit self-love portraits to be featured in our non-airbrushed real people portrait gallery. Visit the: Love Warrior Community Photography Section.

Love Warrior Art:

Look through art inspired by self-love, body acceptance and healing and submit your own artwork. Visit the: Love Warrior Community Art Section.


My Invitation To You



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