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Dear Body, when I think of you as an instrument instead of an ornament, these are the things I appreciate that you do for me: (required)

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Do you give us permission to publish your body love letter in an anthology of Love Warrior Community self-love writing?

Witnessed by: The Love Warrior Community

Whether you sign your body love letter or submit it anonymously, writing and sharing your body love letter with us is a huge step you've taken towards committing to self-love.

You also have the option to download a pdf of the body love letter where you can have someone you trust sign the "Witnessed by" section. Sharing your body love letter with someone else, when you are ready, can strengthen your resolve to love yourself and help keep your gratitude toward your body more mindful.

Download the Body Love Letter Template as a pdf.

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  4. If you're confused by this, the best thing to do is to pull an image from FB and upload it.
  5. We love you. 🙂

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