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I am Surviving and Thriving

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The word "Hope" in purple, glittery letters with a purple ribbon in place of the letter "o" o signify awareness of domestic violence.

31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge Day 1: Self-Love Letter

First and foremost I am so proud of you for 2017! You healed/worked through Domestic Violence in January and came out even stronger, you let Love back in even when it didn’t work out and created a loving soul friendship from it, accomplished many things put into motion, fed your Mind/Body/Spirit selves individually and collectively, spoke your truth, put yourself first, gracefully moved through many changes even when emotions sometimes ran amuck, and are creating the life you deserve!

I amaze myself now with what’s possible! I write my life story! I choose to be surrounded by loving, accepting, supportive, champions of LOVE; peaceful, creative, and phenomenal people where we lift each other up! I create fun everywhere I go and make sure it spills onto whoever I’m with! You are rising up, ascending into position, and taking hold of the reigns! I’m deeply grateful for what I went through, who I’m becoming while I stay true to me, and realizing I am the love I’ve always wanted! I am LOVE!!! I love me!!! Well done self, well done!!!

Dina F Gilmore

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