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The lessons of Spring

0 Comments 01 March 2017

We don’t need to wait for the Spring Equinox at 3:28 AM on Monday March 20th to benefit from the lessons spring has to offer us. Last week while sitting in session with a client, a baby bird tried to fly into my office, not knowing a clear window was not open space. It was a baby bird with so much to learn. No matter what our age, we too have lessons to learn every day if we are open to what life has to offer us.

The lesson I’m taking from this spring is to accept transitions and the holding of opposites. In the midst of storms and flooding, rain and cold, we also have days of sunshine. When I go for a walk I can feel the sun on my face at the same time that I feel the brisk cold that requires me to wear my scarf and rub my hands together to warm them.

We are in the transition of leaving winter behind and welcoming spring time. We are experiencing them together. It is similar to my experience yesterday at a funeral and memorial for my good friend’s father. Grief and tears were experienced at the grave site just as smiles, hugs and laughter were shared at my friends home afterwards. Springs’ lesson for me yesterday was to be aware how endings and beginnings are intimately intertwined. When I grieve for someone or something I must remember to also celebrate what will be coming.

It had been 15 years since I had seen some of my high school friends. We all left with plans to rekindle our friendships. What a great example of life coming from death.

On my morning walk today I noticed green leaves pushing through the hard adobe soil here in Northern California. I took a photo of it to share with you because it reminded me of the tenacity of life. We are not promised an easy, care-free life, but I could almost hear those green sprouts saying, “You can do it!”

There are a number of people taking our 7 Self-Love Diet Food and Eating Guidelines e-course. This week we are asking them to let go of their old beliefs about food and diets and are inviting them to learn new skills that require a mindfulness and honoring of their bodies wisdom vs. following external cues. It can be challenging for people who have lived with certain food and eating rules to let them go entirely and begin a new way of relating to food and eating. This is where the lesson of spring and it’s focus on transition can be a great teacher. Our e-course participants will have a time when they will be holding both their old food rules and categories as well as the new invitation to listen to their bodies wisdom when making food choices. This is a very tangible example of the holding of opposites and transitions.

As a country we are definitely in transition. What ever side of the political divide you are on, Spring has lessons for you.

The Self-Love Diet invites us all to regularly offer ourselves love. In any given moment we have the opportunity to create the changes in our lives that we desire. Spring helps us to remember that change doesn’t usually happen in a magical moment, but rather over time and with an earnestness to match those green shoots pushing up through the hard soil. As we transition from old beliefs and behaviors into the new creations we are becoming, we can mindfully choose to love ourselves in any given moment.

Blessings on your Self-Love Diet Journey,

Michelle Minero MFT and Emelina Minero

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