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Unlatched Trust Is the Beginning

1 Comment 06 May 2017

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Dear Love Warrior Community,

In a time of deep grief and transition I welcome in a poem about trust and opening the heart. I wrote it on my lunch break and share it with you.

Unlatched Trust Is the Beginning

Empty reflection of eyes deepest blue
Mother’s primary urge severed at heart
Quivering hand, fearful, and unlatched heart
You ask of my trusteeship

Unspeakable love running through my veins
uncertain of how to embark
In this journey of ethos, of black night and empty scares
Asking of my credence

I inquire with myself, questions of purity
Will you see the white lotus from the mud
Dubious images fill my mind
Craving connection, intellect, and life
We step into this world and work of uncharted waters
I ask of your confidence

Will you ween I am worthy and valuable
Can we know within our soul
Can we dance and stay adrift these downcast shores
Whispering words of my aptitude asking for belief
Asking of my faith

Unfathomed grief covering ground
I step into bottomless earth
Reaching within to pull out every sentiment and word
Speaking to continue my breath
Knowing this will keep me responsive to life
Asking of truth

Reaching for reflection in eyes the deepest blue
Needing a mother’s primal urge to trust and love
Unshakable hand reaching for yours with an unlatched heart
I ask of your trusteeship and mine of you

With love,


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1 comment

  1. Michelle Minero says:

    Your inner poet has stepped outside. Thanks for sharing your gifts!

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