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Unspeakable Love

0 Comments 06 May 2017

Washington Irving once said: “There is a sacredness in tears. They are not a mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition and of unspeakable love.”

In my life I have gone through horrific things and somehow my spirit survived, like a white lotus coming from the mud. As I enter this month I am filled with unspeakable love, grief, and deep sadness as I lose “The Mother or my Heart” in a sacred way. I am not sure how I am going to move through this. I was called to write her a poem that testifies to our love. It is about walking through the fire, going to hell and back, and knowing that spirit and love bring us back to life and the purpose of our beating hearts. I share with you one of the most vulnerable, raw, and important things I have ever written. With love and deepest appreciation for this wonderful woman.


Unspeakable Love

Knives carving out every last hallway within the crevices of the heart
Dark abyss with a speck of light
Translucent ghost hollow the night
A hand of unwavering ethos begins to fill the crevices
Like caterpillars push for transfiguration
A regeneration of cells begins to build
A child is born in a mother’s heartfelt womb
With something called unspeakable love

A breath regenerates
It is the storm that riles inside unruly and torn
It fills the soul with undefined questions to ponder
A love that roars louder then Zeus’ thunder
It steps in firm with unequivocal trust
It is not to be seen, only felt
It is a mothers unspeakable love

Unspeakable love takes me from under
It offers me air from suffocation
Derived from the essence of spirit
It begins to chip away at the old story
The one of Persephone who swallowed the seed
That lead to a death of a child that who one day would become queen
And be seen as the warrior she is
You helped show me the gifts, treasures hidden, bent, forced, and derived from mutation
You handed me the pomegranate and told me the power has always been mine
Mine to peel back, mine to claim
That Hades is mine to rule
You stand in unspeakable love

Beaconed to the underworld
We fasten and crawl
Unmitigated you stand with my affliction
And pry a bit deeper around and in-between the sharp edges
The ones that were so deeply fastened
Like old witches’ fables of the past
My heart breaks open into a billion pieces
My children cling to your flesh
Like breath to air
Calmed and soothed through your unspeakable love

Through tears, endearment, and desolation
My heart continues to be moved and broken
I never knew Persephone could weep so profoundly
With grief that is running its course
I see in two directions
Drowning in dark water and fastened in light
I cling and hold firm to my unspeakable love
My unspeakable love for you and yours for me

Like a white lotus blossoming from earth
Invaded with parasite sucking the earth
I clear them away
We make it clean
I am pushed and propelled to give birth
This is what you ask of me
To relish and savor the connection we have made from the outside in
I never knew such benevolence
Here we sit with unspeakable love

You are the mother of my heart
Queen of this chapter
That leads to the passage
To trust the next chapter without your presence of flesh surrounds me with anguish
If you were to ask my deepest aspiration
It would be to love and be loved
And this I know we have done
And like a mamma bear chases her cub up the tree
I will crawl down in fear and jubilation
Adoring each moment we have spent
Locked arm in arm, tears flowing like rain
My grief is unbearable and my love unspeakable
And this is how I know I have loved in the most profound way
Heart to heart, exuberant light
Every second worth more the than last
My guide, my MM, my compass of love
In my heart you will always stay with unspeakable love


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