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What Would Love Do?

0 Comments 04 January 2018

Image of quote by Michael Meade, "The genius inside a person wants activity. It's connected to the stars. It's connected to a spark, and it wants to burn, and it wants to make, and it wants to create, and it has gifts to give. That is the nature of the inner genius.

31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge Day 2: What Would Love Do?

What a curious and deep question as I ponder about this. Love in this moment would choose to write about love and bring in as much of it as I can as I prepare to so something very difficult this evening.

You see, I am part of a woman’s group and it is based on healing, recovery, and putting shadow into the light. Tonight we focus on ANGER. The first time we experienced anger, witnessed it, and how it was displayed in our childhood through current day. I get to share how anger has effected my life, stunted me, made me grow, and challenged every ounce of my being. Self-Love and what would love do is a great question as I think about sharing first in our group of four. I am scared, fearful of my trauma around anger, and how I can experience in my body even today.

Love, however, tells me that it is a good thing that I am working on expanding my relationship with anger, knowing that it is healthy, can be explored and experienced in a healthy way, and that I am no longer in situations where I need to fear being chronically abused and or killed. Love would wrap myself up and let myself experience the grief that comes up when I think about it—the terror that floods my brain and body—and love will wrap me up knowing that I have created a life where I don’t have to actually be afraid now. Love chooses to share my experiences so I can grow and change my relationship with myself, others, and all I come into contact with. Love will allow me to be as present as possible, in the moment, to share what is most important from my heart.

I often ask myself this question. I ask myself this question a lot because I can often get caught up in work, helping others, and doing. This year my focus in “being” and learning to do more of what love would choose…even though sometimes it does not come naturally of feeling loving. That’s the ironic and complexity of love. It does not always feel loving…and this I am learning more. I choose to ask myself this question as I go into the evening and throughout my share.


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