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Writing is a window into your soul. Writing has a magic that bypasses grammatical rules and punctuation. I distinctly remember the first time I wrote because I desperately wanted to eat, but knew I wasn’t physically hungry.

I was an intern counselor and was leading a support group for emotional eaters. I took my own advice that night and started writing. I didn’t know what would flow from my pen, but I started anyway.

My inner wisdom presented itself on the lined paper. It told me, “You’re not hungry, you’re tired. Those bowls of cereal are not satisfying because what you really want right now is to go to bed and be held in your husband’s arms. You are seeking love and comfort.”

Being a Love Warrior is not necessarily going to be easy. It may well be the most important thing you do. It takes the heart of a warrior to love yourself when you are feeling down. It takes the courage of a warrior to look into aspects of yourself that you may want to turn away from.

Writing is one way to discover the many aspects of you. Embrace all of yourself, those parts you love easily, and those parts you don’t. Love yourself enough to start reading others’ writings, and see where it leads you.

Submit Your Writing

Each writing page, Poetry, Body Love Letters, Body Forgiveness Letters and Short Fiction, works as a directory for you to view the writing submitted by members from the Love Warrior Community.

You can also submit your own writing on each page. If you want to submit your own poetry or one of your favorite poems, go to the Poetry page, type or copy and paste your poem into the blank submission space, then click Submit. The process is the same if you want to submit your short fiction or one of your favorite short stories, or if you want to submit a body love letter or a body forgiveness letter.

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A Self-Love New Year’s Resolution

Join the 8th Annual 31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge. What would it feel like to regularly offer yourself love? Find out.

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